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Cold Email
Cold LinkedIn

Customer acquisition "leading" down a rabbit hole? Embrace clever strategies to revolutionise your outbound marketing game with a blend of multi-channel sequencing, AI personalisation, and an arsenal of powerful tactics.

🌐 Multi-Channel Sequencing

Automation Platforms  

AI Personalisation w/ OpenAI API + ChatGPT-4

✍️ Copywriting

Data Enrichment & Validation

🪖 Engagement + Nurture

🎯 Intent & Personality Triggers

🍦 Retargeting & Lookalikes

🛬 Landing Pages

🎥 Video Marketing

👣 Tracking & Attribution

📊 Reporting + Analytics


Emails getting lost in the vast abyss of spam folders? Ready to unlock the secrets of impeccable deliverability and establish a strong sender reputation? We know the ins and outs of deliverability and all the techy bits in between.


🔥 Warmup

📥 Inbox Placement & Spam Testing

🌱 Seed Testing

🔐 Dedicated IPs

🌐 Email Servers + SMTP

🔄 Rotation + Sequencing

🧶 Spintax & Liquid Syntax

🗂️ DMARC Policy Management

🏴 Blacklist + Spam Monitoring

🧑‍✈️ Sender Reputation

Domain Health


Drowning in a sea of tedious tasks and manual processes? Ready to embrace the power of automation and streamline your workflows? Clever automation and development, which equates to less revenue being spent on Ibuprofen.

⚙️ Process Automation

🔄 Workflow Development

🎯 Lead Procurement Automation

🔌 API Connections

💻 API Development

🏂 Platform Development

💼 CRM Optimisation

💬 Slackbots

🔗 Custom Connections

🤖 AI Workflows

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